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Games we produce


It is a new type of entertainment in town which can be described as a mix of escape rooms, treasure hunt and geocaching.


An interactive game that you can play at home with your friends and family during quarantine time or any other time you want to have fun with your loved ones.


This game will help to improve teamwork without having to leave the office or why not taking it with you to the bar or play at home with your colleagues. You decide!
Coming soon


This game is a perfect opportunity to get to know any new city on your own in an interactive and fun way. You can choose to play alone or together with your travel companion.
Coming soon

Our idea

Our business idea is to provide everyone with easy and affordable access to the top class offline adventure games and events on a daily basis. We deploy modern technology and create a subscription service for group activities which will help to improve the level of social awareness.


Our vision is to create a simple condition for real-life interaction in a society overloaded with virtual communication.


It is hard to ignore how the level of technological development has advanced in recent years.

Our mission is to turn technological progress into a valuable tool for increasing the level of social communication instead of replacing it.

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